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Email conversion tool to solve all your related woes!

Email conversion tool can helps you to convert your any email format to your desired file formats. Here is the tool that can convert your data into PST in a safe way.

The Email Conversion Tool

Converting any mail format to the PST format is literally a child’s play now with the Mail Extractor Pro by USL Software. It has got professional accuracy and multiple options in the mail clients it provides its services for- Apple Mail to Outlook PST as well as Mozilla Thunderbird, Postbox, and MBOX to PST conversion. It is the most convenient email conversion tool to convert mails to the Microsoft Outlook (PST) format. This mac software program has got all the features that mail clients have demanded for so far. It is a convenient choice to convert mails since it is hundred percent secure against threats to data safety as well.


Smooth Email conversion results only with USL Software:

If you want email conversion service uninterrupted by complex steps, the Mail Extractor Pro is the right choice for you. From batch conversion to the ability to recognize Unicode components, this mail converter has got all the services a client could demand. The first and foremost appealing feature of this email conversion tool is the ease with which it can be handled by all sorts of clients.

Easy to use

Its user-friendly GUI and features is the solution to any kind of hesitation the client may be facing in converting the mails. Even the installation of the email conversion tool is quite easy and doesn’t require any professional aid.

Preserve email data

Not only is this email conversion tool user-friendly, it is friendly to all sorts of data components as well. It preserves Unicode in all situations and prevents corruption of files carrying Unicode. Unicode simply means data containing non-English languages, double-byte characters etc. It has the same protective stance towards other data components like metadata and headers.

Maintain Folder hierarchy

Well-maintained folder hierarchy is another benefit of using this tool for data migration. Once the task is finished, it takes the responsibility of stacking the files in their previous order properly. So the client doesn’t have to waste time stacking files or searching out data when needed.

Bulk Conversion

The results are speedier with this app than any other since it has got technology which is designed to handle large quantities of data. The client can split the pst files according to their convenience. Even the feature of bulk conversion is provided to make the process faster than usual. Using this method, files are converted at a faster rate but at the same efficiency as that of converting files individually.


Get the Email Conversion Tool

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The intuitive interface is quite helpful to the clients, especially beginners. It guides them throughout the email conversion with stepwise instructions. You can use the free demo version of the mac mail converter tool to see how well these features fare for you. The free version doesn’t restrict you from using any of the premium features and is appropriate for testing the email conversion tool.

You can always connect with the experts at our client support panel via calls and mails. Approach the service unhesitatingly either for answers to your confusions or to get help in the email conversion process. We are always in wait of client feedback to improve our features, yours are also welcome.